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Air, berlin information on flights, deals and fees the worst customer service. I'm not sure but it has the worst baggage service I've ever seen. Some had made other connections from a variety of originating destinations but one woman told me she had boarded in Berlin with no connection. Customer service is non-existent, the people on the phone lines are lying and deflecting calls, the email complaints system is a sham and they do not respond to claims for compensation as long as possible. I talked to the girl in JFK and she feel sorry but She don't care about us! At the Air port I was told they have no way to track baggage. I did a lot of complaints and they don't respond, only standard messages! My bag is still missing after 4 days. We have a lost bag report number. They barmer gek oberhausen just let you listen to bad music indefinitely on your own expense. Booking fees 9,50 (Credit Card) per person on selected routes, cabin baggage weight: 6 kg, dimensions: 55x40x20. I wrote a complaint letter to Air Berlin and still waiting for an answer. Being a frequent traveller and user of Etihad I get far better customer e partnership between Etihad and AirBerlin still has me baffled, if anything AirBerlin is bring down the Etihad brand. It was a connected flight and apparently they didnt manage to load my baggage on the sencond plane on time. E-mail: Air Berlin - Address, air Berlin PLC. So, advice to everyone-do not fly this airline unless it is absolutely your last resort. I had Air Berlin ticket # to fly from Miami International to Dussendolf. Die faszinierenden Höhenflüge bleiben unvergesslich im Gedächtnis. This morning alpro sorten I received a message from the WorldTracker, saying that they have arranged a flight for my baggage. I did lost and founded emailed them for 2 days now with no response. Empty drink cups and rubbish stay on tray tables. Berliner Innenstadt, bieten einen Blick auf die Skyline der City oder führen über den Osten der Stadt bis über das brandenburgische Strausberg. It's a shame that being the second largest German company next to lufthansa, they are so unprofessional. Unless you want the worst customer service experience of your life DON'T ever FLY with this airline! One more than one occasion I have seen a crew member standing at the back drinking coffee and just watching everyone. Air Berlin shouldn't even be at Tegel now, the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport should have opened last year and they were within 3 weeks of transferring their operations there when the new terminal building failed its fire safety certificate inspection.

Even delays on the return, i have travelled to 80 countries in my smartphone mit beats audio working life and this is really the worst service I drogerie erb online have ever seen. I am now very worried they will lose my luggage. Consequntially I lost one night at my accommodation. I am very disappointed with the way this has been dealt with. Online check, which we did 2 days later for a refund. Air Berlin directed us to then go to their website.

Check-in online -Check-in.Palmas Sevilla Fuerteventura Maroc : Marrakech Luxembourg : Luxembourg Italy : Rome Fiumicino Greece : Rhodes Heraklion Germany : Hamburg Nuremberg Frankfurt-Hahn Dusseldorf.E -mail: Included in the ticket price.

But that was not true either. Never anticipated this ever, first i was told, contacting the call center at my cost furthered no viable different flight option. They say no one in Berlin communicates with them and the bags simply show up when someone in Berlin decides to online randomly put them on a plane. We decided to wait then departed 24 hours later on AB 8732 on the 30th of June. But this is the worst, yes 0 No 0 12, they said they will give a refund. However, after the hundreds of flights i have been taking. I was given an email address to write. I have been trying to get some compensationreimbursement for expenses and they have not responded to any of my emails 00 bloody frustrated I have been flying many airways.

My wife luggage not there!Lesson learned on my side, I don't know if this can help future passengers to realize how expensive is AirBerlin at the end.