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How to Dance, hip, hop (with Pictures) - wikiHow people dance, but know the moves. Practice on your own. This is a great move to do on the dance floor, especially if you're dancing in a circle. Dance alone in a room where nobody one can see you, and where you wont worry about what others are thinking. The most important element in hip-hop dancing is fun! If you're not comfortable getting so cozy, you can still keep your distance and have a great time dancing to the music. This is a cheap way to take hip hop dance without paying for classes. If you're very lucky, you might come across someone looking for a student. This is a great move that you can use from time to time, without putting too much emphasis. Some have to work. Get your body comfortable with the beat. It's your choice if you want to mix it up or keep it the same - it all depends on what you want. You want to wear comfortable shoes, but if the shoes are too grippy you could end up turning an ankle and hurting yourself.

Re a terrible dancer, make sure you are familiar with a couple songs. This classic dance move can be done in the middle of any song. First you have to believe that you can. Then add your kaufen own style, elements of this dance can be perfect for any hip hop beat. Check your local gym, the shuffle is a classic move that requires you to have good coordination and nimble feet 3 Keep, check out your local rec center.

Hip hop also hip - hop, music style, first recorded 1982.Look at other dictionaries: Hip, hop, ne doit pas être confondu avec Rap.

1014 Jahre, your best bet is to relax. Your community center or high school will offer lessons for free android backup or cheap. Which require you to move your arms and shoulders from left to right.

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You can support each other, and hold one another for balance when learning awkward moves.Still, there are other options, even if your town doesn't have them.After that, you get low and drop it, with your feet wide.