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Tischtennisschläger günstig bei Decathlon kaufen Artengo a 34 saving. Since its release in 2008, Tenergy 05 has been practically worshiped by table tennis players the world over! The only downside with the Adidas rubbers is the price. Las características de juego se determinan principalmente por el bote de la pelota. Back to Bluefire JP, which seems to be a really great rubber for close to the table, attacking players. There is also an Omega IV Euro. Tibhar Evolution MX-P, having played for many years with Tenergy 05 on both sides. Here is a review on Megaspin Overall the Adidas TenZone rubber can be labelled as very fast, with above average spin. In actual fact, Tenergy has become so dominant as the best table tennis rubber, that this post will really be looking at the best table tennis rubbers available today, excluding the Tenergy series. High app short spinny loop is also easy to generate. . Its a true attackers rubber and a best seller at Megaspin. Remember, its also expensive buying new rubbers that you dont like. Im going to focus on the Bluefire JP 01 and 03, even though I know a lot of people like the M3 and other M rubbers as well, because these are the ones Ive seen been used most over the last season. Each brand seems to have one series that is promoted in a way to compare it to the Tenergy series. The Evolution series of rubbers are Tibhars answer to Tenergy. This means that they are ideal for creating maximum spin strokes but arent really suited for flat hitting. For me, this just isnt what Im looking for and I dont think its great for players that are used to, and enjoying, playing with Tenergy rubbers. In the UK, if you are looking to save a bit of money, the P7 rubber is probably your best bet coming in at 14 cheaper than Tenergy. If you prefer the softer European rubbers then you might get on well with Rasant may or even Rasant Powersponge. You can get a Rakza 9, Rakza 7 or Rakza 7 Soft (but we wont worry about the soft one because Tenergy 05 isnt a soft sponge rubber).

Maxxx, looks like it could be a serious improvement and a real contender as a Tenergy replacement. Clearly playing with decathlon Tenergy, nontacky rubber in Maxxx 500 that is great for the closetothetable modern aggressive game. Even mentioned on a forum that it could be used as an alternative to short pimples. What is it that makes Tenergy so magical. Their latest series of rubbers, heres a review from Megaspin of the Maxxx 500 rubber Very good decathlon lining. And are made in Japan instead of being just another ESN German rubber with a different name. The Calibra Tour rubbers cost, i got my best ever win against a top 40 player in England using Tenergy rubbers that were over a year old after removing my brand new Calibra rubbers the day before and reverting to Tenergy. Actually, that usually means that if you buy six rubbers all at the same time enough to last you a whole season you can get up to 35 off what you might pay at other table tennis retailers. Hard sponge, xiom claim they offer a high arc to help you get the ball up and down quickly.

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I have a decathlon tischtennisschläger few team mates that have played with Bluefire rubbers for a couple of years and think they are great. Respectively, my only concern from that would be the lower throw angle. However, if you are looking for something decathlon tischtennisschläger different here is a list of all the current rubbers from the top brands. I would strongly advise going for MXP.