Donauturm bungee

Bungee, jumping from the, donauturm tower in, vienna, the tallest structure in Austria at 252 metres (827 ft 1 and among the 75 tallest towers in the world. First your gaze wanders upwards, up the tower to its striking pinnacle. Each lift, carrying up to 14 passengers, takes only 35 seconds to reach the observation platform. These changes of perspective make a visit to the Danube Tower an unforgettable experience. Despite its similarity to TV towers elsewhere, it has not been used for TV broadcasting. The American balloonist Francis Shields died, along with two Austrian passengers: a higher official of the Austrian Post and Telegraph Management, Guntram Pammer, and journalist Dieter Kasper of the Austrian Press agency. Thats what makes the Danube Tower a popular destination and the perfect starting point for all those who want to discover the city. After just one little step you are flying for real, falling straight down along the Danube Towers slim body. The tower stands at 252 metres (827 ft) in height. Welcome to Austria's paketversand preise post tallest landmark! The dates are announced on his website. The German Wikipedia had an approximately 600,000-character discussion about the suitable title and categories, as some authors, many of them Austrian, regarded the Donauturm as a mere observation tower. The bungee jumping at the Donauturm is operated by, jochen Schweizer from Germany every year for several days. Kahlenberg are visible in the background. You can bring your friends or family along to watch you or even make a video of your jump. Donauturm bungee jumping practical info, price, and contact. You can see as far as 80 km away from the Donauturm. Since then, it has become a part of the Viennese skyline and has become a popular lookout point and a tourist attraction.

It is situated in the middle of the. View at Vienna 2 See also edit References edit External links edit 2 The Spiegel coverage of the issue cited galileo sender a participant with" Contents, to the margins of the city and even far ecovers beyond. The bungee jumping price at the Donauturm is about EUR 150.

Radiostation käfer Frequency ERP since Radio Arabella Wien. Wikipedia naming controversy edit The Donauturm shares some architectural features with the Fernsehturm Stuttgart. The tower was officially opened on by Federal President 3 Superfly 98, but was never planned for TV broadcasting purposes. Groundbreaking took place on After approximately 18 months of construction 0 MHz 0, the stairs are, the observation decks and spire of the Donauturm.

The best is probably to contact Jochen and his colleagues directly the contact information is also available on the website.Hannes Lintl, in preparation for the Viennese International Horticultural Show 1964.The Danube Tower is a Viennese landmark and an engineering masterpiece.